Kim, C. & Baylor, A.L. (2008). A Virtual Change Agent: Motivating Pre-service Teachers to Integrate Technology in Their Future Classrooms. Educational Technology & Society , 12(2), 309-321.
Publication year: 2008

In this paper, we develop a conceptual framework for an anthropomorphic change agent to motivate pre-service teachers to integrate technology into teaching and learning. This agent is designed with a hybrid persona that simulates a mentor and plays both motivation and companion roles. Based on the theoretical grounding in motivation and change agency and related research, we propose that a computer-based change agent will impact pre-service teachers’ attitudes toward technology integration and improve their abilities to be effective users of educational technology. The impact on learning and instruction is explained as a process of changing perceptions and concerns about the value of using technology to support their learning. We build on models of innovation-decision processes and attributes of adoption of innovation and concern-based adoption. Practical considerations for the design of a virtual change agent are provided with respect to appearance, voice and emotional expression. Further research is also discussed, especially regard to empirical validation of specific components of the framework and longitudinal studies of teacher attitudes.