Baylor, A. L. (2001). A U-Shaped model for the development of intuition by expertise. New Ideas in Psychology, 19(3), 237-244.
Publication year: 2001

Based on a review of the literature, this paper proposes a non-linear U-shaped model of intuition development influenced by an individual’s level of expertise within a given subject area. Two qualitatively different types of intuition are described: immature intuition and mature intuition, each differentiated by the level of expertise of the individual in a specific subject area. Immature intuition is most available when an individual is a novice in a given knowledge domain, where his/her analytical knowledge of the subject does not interfere with the ability to make novel insights. Mature intuition is more rare and is most available when an individual is more of an expert in the subject area with well-developed relevant knowledge structures. Issues regarding the viability of this preliminary model are discussed.