About Amy

Hi, and welcome!  I love my work as a researcher/practitioner in the interdisciplinary fields of human-computer interaction and advanced technologies for learning. I also love big mountains, four-legged furry creatures, exciting food (to cook and to eat), and working out (yep, I am a gym rat and aspiring yogi).

I returned to the National Science Foundation in July 2016 to serve as a Program Director in the area of Cyberlearning (i.e., advanced learning technologies). This is my second gig at NSF –  the first time (2006-2009) I was a founding program officer in Human Centered Computing in the Computer Science (CISE) Directorate.

I formerly was a tenured professor of Instructional Systems and Information Technology in the Colleges of Education and Information at Florida State University, and the Founder / Director of the Center for Research of Innovative Technologies for Learning (RITL).  Before that, I was a professor at San Diego State University in Educational Technology.

I am an experienced speaker and have spoken at numerous venues including those sponsored by NASA, National Academy of Sciences, the Royal Society of Great Britain, Harvard, Stanford, China, Korea and Japan. I regularly serve as an advisor in the area of advanced learning technologies to national and international funding agencies.

When not getting my regular mountain-fix (Rocky Mountains, Sierra Nevada, Swiss Alps, Grand Tetons…dreaming of the Andes) you can find me hiking, cooking foods of all kinds (did I mention spicy?) , or playing with the latest technology. I live in the DC area with my wonderful husband Chuck, rescue dogs Oreo & Cody and cat. Life is good!